International hotel standards
Enter 500+ international brands

Supplies 5,000++products in 900+ different categories in one time

Save time, save cost, save resources for the developers with completed processes.

Pre-Opening phase

Our Targets: clear attractive branding, high quality, reliable supply process.

Pre-opening stage increases the ordering risk resulting in possible delays due to the limited personnel and thousands of products waiting for confirmation. ZIVA will make sure that this process will be smooth and fast.

Operation phase

Our targets: Lower cost - lower price - attract more customers

When a hotel opens and runs day-to-day operations, it is critical to establish efficient ways to manage the procurement for a better budgeting and profit margin. Ziva will save your money and make the whole process smooth…

Our Process

Our process 1

1 Sourcing & Selection

Depth factory inspection
Competitive product selection to ensure quality

2 Cooperative Negociation

Sign contracts and verify accounts
Pay according to production schedule
To reduce commercial fraud

3 Production Control

Monitor the whole process
Professional QC service
Multiple inspection
To ensure quality

Our process 2

4 Packaging & Labeling

Customize packaging according to the characteristics of the products
IQ / SKU unique coding on label to ensure accurate distribution

5 Loading & Transportation

Choosing reliable partners, contracting, and on site quality control.

6 Declaration & Clearance

One-stop customs declaration for special products to solve export problems
Investigate import requirements of various countries to prevent import obstacles
Document and certificate services guarantee the efficiency of customs clearance

Our process 3

7 After-Sale Service

Provide installation services
Online customer service system
Suppliers are directly responsible for solving after-sales problems

8 Complete

Constant feedback on quality, amounts, and customers satisfaction